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Scything, summer pruning & orchard tour

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Scything, summer pruning & orchard tour

Postby MarkEvens » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:31 pm

The weather gods were kind to us on August 15th, after a fairly poor summer, when about 25 NCOG members visited the webmaster's orchard at Mosser. Looking at the orchard the following morning I was impressed by the amount that had been cut - both grass and trees - and fairly tidily too! Some excellent cakes were supplied and we enjoyed tea on the terrace with warm weather and fine views.

If you are interested in buying a scythe then I got mine from Simon Fairlie at the Scythe Shop. There are other suppliers but do make sure you get the real Austrian scythe model. The blade on my scythe is the 60cm Austrian Rasierschnitt blade, which I prefer to the 65cm Ditch Blade on the NCOG scythe. For peening, get the peening jig like mine - not the anvil which requires more skill.

If you want to make your own honing tool from wood and abrasive paper then follow this link to the template: download/Honing_template.pdf. Make it from a piece of hardwood about 20mm thick. The dimensions are not critical, but do aim for a curve approximating that shown. Try Axminster tools for the abrasive - 240grit cloth backed. This one looks suitable: ... -25mm-x-5m. You will need two small pieces of wood or plastic about 1mm thick to wedge the abrasive in each end of the tool. The lubricant I use is Muc-off (bike cleaner) - available from Halfords or other good bike shops such as Evans cycles.
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