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Loads of apples, buckets of juice

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Loads of apples, buckets of juice

Postby MarkEvens » Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:43 pm

2016 has been a bumper year for apples. We were juicing on four occasions:
- Apple day at Acorn Bank (Oct 9th)
- At Great Salkeld on October 23rd
- At Mosser on November 6th
- Back at Acorn Bank on November 12th
At Apple Day, lots of people turned up and we were able to show off our new Speidel mill to great advantage. The juice (60 litres) was taken back to Mosser to be included in the Group cider stocks. The mill and hydropress were then put through their paces at Great Salkeld, which was a village juicing event - very well attended and accompanied by glorious food. The NCOG pressers were kept busy through but were kept fed too! (Many thanks to Janet Bowden for organising this so well). Then at Mosser the pace became even more frenetic - we lost track of how much we pressed but it must have been about 600kg. This event also included the cider-makers pressing for cider and about 360 litres of cider was made! We then though that the final event would be quite restful, but no! As the day wore on, more and more people turned up with apples. Eventually we had to call a halt as it was dark.
All in all, an excellent season.
Pictures below are of the Mosser juicing and cider making.
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