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Maryport pruning: Great hospitality & happier apple trees!

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Maryport pruning: Great hospitality & happier apple trees!

Postby Kate Stewart » Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:39 pm

It was fantastic to be at Bill & Mary Potter’s fine, lichen-covered old orchard and we couldn’t have asked for better weather; still and bright with a definite feel of things beginning to grow, although many layers were worn. The day kicked off with a comprehensive introduction to the tools. There was also a demonstration of how to prune so that trees are open and ‘goblet-shaped’, crossing branches and water shoots are removed and cuts are cleanly above a bud growing in such a direction as to efficiently channel energy. Extraordinarily some apples still hung on a tree, and we managed to find a few examples of canker to practise removing! Fuelled by tea and an excellent spread of cakes, we concluded with most of the trees looking well-groomed and with a healthy amount of air flowing through them. A goodly heap of firewood was also amassed, and the rest of the prunings tidily removed in a truck. This was an enjoyable and educational day spent in good company.


Kate Stewart
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