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Planning event the second: food for thought at Acorn Bank

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Planning event the second: food for thought at Acorn Bank

Postby Kate Stewart » Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:37 pm

With twelve attendees present, each with their own reasons for wishing to start an orchard, this was a busy and lively occasion. Much ground was covered, from unassailable points such as altitude, aspect and soil PH, to the merits of different apple varieties and rootstocks. Everyone came away more equipped to adapt to and overcome whatever nature gave them. Knowledge was shared by experts who had themselves tried and tested methods; of improving soil, growing apples that thrive in our climate, and using rootstocks commensurate with desired results. There were some fulsome debates, as well as the opportunity to consult with workshop leaders on how to meet individual needs. The weather was a little blustery, but the audience were able to benefit from Chris’s demonstration of how to plant, heel in and mulch an apple tree. Acorn Bank orchard, which has been present in some form since the seventeenth century, continues to be an industrious and remarkably productive place. The combination of a stunning (although somewhat grey and stormy) setting, waiter service at the tearoom and delicious scones meant we were very fortunate to be there.

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