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An interesting day...

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An interesting day...

Postby MarkEvens » Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:48 am

Our second summer event in 2014 was a visit to Low Stanger Farm, where Peter & Michelle Kerr have been farming organically for about 8 years. There was much of interest to see and talk about, not all of it orchard-related. Among other things, we marvelled at the market garden, including a fine crop of Florence fennel, the wheeled hoes, the perfectly-sized orchard tractor...
The orchards themselves contain about 340 trees of 80 different varieties, many of which were new to members. Unfortunately about a week before our visit, there had been a severe hailstorm which had damaged much of the otherwise promising crop. The weather was interesting on the day of our visit also, with a strong wind and squally showers. However, this did not put off the scythers, who were able to demonstrate that even in bad weather a scythe is the best (indeed the only) way to cut long grass.
When we did retreat under cover, we were delighted by the home-made bread made from home-grown and milled wheat - so much more flavour than shop-bought flour or bread.
Many thanks to Peter & Michelle for their hospitality. See their website - - for more details.
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