A Digital Symphony

Classical music from Computer to HiFi

Tagging - the basic method

This method uses Muso as the main editing tool as well as the library manager. As the heading implies, it is quite simple:

  1. Tag your music folder using your preferred tagger (SongKong is recommended).
  2. Import your music folder to Muso (full scan). (Import Part into Muso's Title and Work into Muso's Group Header, if using SongKong - use conditional imports)
  3. Review each album in the "album page" in Muso to see if the tags make sense and comply with the scheme described here.
  4. If they are not as you wish, edit the tags in Muso accordingly. In particular set/confirm the group headings for each work.

There are a number of disadvantages to this method.

All told, I do not recommend it, but if you start off this way, you can always switch to the "enhanced" method later.